Pupils will be required to wear uniform up to and including year 11.

Sweatshirts and polo shirts will be available for purchase from the school, with black school-type trousers and dark coloured shoes to be worn alongside these.

Trainers, caps and all other non-uniform clothing will not be permitted in school.

Space is provided for pupils to hang their coats and bags as these items are not allowed to be worn whilst in school. We also request pupils hand in mobile phones and all other electronic devices upon arrival. These items will be stored securely and handed back to pupils at the end of each school day.


Transport for pupils travelling between home and school is arranged on an individual and case by case basis. For pupils that meet the criteria, Essex Local Authority may agree to provide transport for your child. However, travel arrangements for pupils placed at Moundwood by a commissioning school will often be agreed between families and the commissioning school.

Beckmead Moundwood Academy closed to secondary pupils as of Tuesday 28th September 2021 

We will keep this under daily review and promptly inform you of when the school will re-open 

Please read the attached letter for further details