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    Dear website visitor. Many thanks for taking the time to look at our website. I hope you will
    get a great flavour from these pages of the work of The Beckmead Trust with our children,
    families and staff. We welcome visitors so please feel free to contact the central team in
    Sanderstead to arrange a visit to any of our schools to see first-hand the wonderful work of
    our staff and the fantastic achievements of our pupils.

    As a relatively young trust we have been working hard to ensure that a clarity of direction is
    held by all our schools that contributes to and enhances the vision of the trust. This vision
    places improving the life chances of our children at the forefront of everything we do and as
    a trust we feel a moral purpose to undertake this work to the best of our ability.
    We aim to provide a united partnership of excellent academies that are primarily linked by
    the non-negotiable values of trust, honesty, integrity, respect and empathy enhanced by
    outstanding local leadership and governance.

    At the start of another academic year we are facing challenges and change as a Multi Academy Trust and as a nation. The death of our Queen a few weeks ago saw the crown pass to King Charles and a change of monarch for the first time in most of our lifetimes. I had the privilege of receiving my OBE from Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace and have a prized photograph of both of us laughing at a daft comment I had made. Our thoughts are with the new King as he dedicates himself to following the amazing example set by his mother.


    We also have a new Prime Minister who will try to lead the country through difficult times. The cost-of-living crisis and soaring fuel bills affect us all and have a direct impact on the schools that make up our Trust. As we approach winter, we are all hoping that we have seen the last of a pandemic that threatens lives and education; fingers crossed for a healthy year for all.


    Amidst the challenges, Beckmead remains a positive and caring environment for all members of its communities. Our children achieve so much at Beckmead, the staff work exceptionally hard and our families give us great support that means our work is effective beyond the schools.


    As an organisation that is founded on the principles of equality and caring for others, Beckmead proudly works with partners in the charitable sector. 3food4u, who run community surplus hubs serving Essex have a number of crossovers with Beckmead. We are also working alongside the American arts charity TeachRock, running pilots of their curriculum materials in a number of settings. The ‘Beckmead Express’ takes school minibuses loaded with humanitarian aid to the Polish – Ukrainian border where the food and medicine is unloaded, taken into The Ukraine and distributed to the displaced population. Volunteer drivers from different elements of Beckmead pay all the costs associated with these trips as well as generously giving their own time.


    I’d like to give a special mention to our Alternative Provisions (sometimes known as PRU’s or Short Stay schools). Moundwood in Harlow and Roundwood in Harlesden work with a transient pupil population who may need a variety of outcomes based on a relatively short period of attendance. This is hard, complex work and the number of agencies and networks that need to be called upon is immense. When I visit these provisions the sense of purpose and care equals that of our more traditional special schools – thanks to all of those involved in Essex and Brent.


    At the beginning of 2023 I hope to be able to announce that two further schools will be joining The Beckmead Trust – watch this space! We are also in talks with a number of other schools, Local Authorities and the DfE about growing the number of schools and children we work with. Exciting times that are founded on the reputation forged by our established, outstanding schools.


    It really is… all about the people. The warmth, fun, energy and love that is so tangible in our provisions is contributed to by children and adults – visitors find the atmosphere, respect and relationships so clearly on view mesmerising. In spite of the challenges I mentioned earlier, it remains an exciting privilege to be part of the Beckmead story.


    Thank you for your time in reading this.




    Dr Jonty Clark OBE

    CEO The Beckmead Trust.

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