The Beckmead Trust has partnered with Carney's Community 

The mentoring that Carney’s Community offers is unique. Carney’s Community

Many of our beneficiaries report being ‘passed between’ different agencies (one young person had to tell his story to 40 different professionals before accessing support) which can lead to young people feeling frustrated, and disengaging from support services.

At Carney’s Community, a young person builds a trusting relationship with a single consistent person; this relationship lasts as long as the young person needs; and the mentoring is taken up by the young person when they want it and are motivated to make changes in their lives.

We achieve results through:

  • Sustained, intensive one-to-one mentoring whenever it is needed, for as long as it is needed;
  • Teaching employable skills, discipline, self-respect and a sense of purpose by focusing on education, employment, and personal development, alongside group activities such as sport and the arts;
  • Creating a supportive community environment, something often missing from a young person’s life; and
  • Creating a ‘virtuous cycle’ – once our mentees are employable and employed, we encourage them to give back by taking on the role of mentor or coach.

Our services are targeted at disadvantaged young people aged 11 to 30 who cChief Executiveome from deprived backgrounds in Wandsworth, Lambeth, and the surrounding areas.

Carney’s Community is inspired by Mick Carney, the boxing legend who motivated and turned around many lives through engagement with boxing. Mick introduced youth worker George Turner to boxingMark Reigate Head Coach coach Mark Reigate and together they founded Carney’s Community in 2011. Since then the team has gone from strength to strength. Each member bringing their unique talent towards a shared goal, showing our local community their potential and helping them be the best that they can.