The Beckmead Trust has partnered with The Key Education Centre 

The Key Education Centre offers education for children who are

temporarily unable to attend school because of the following


• They have been permanently excluded from school

• They are at risk of being permanently excluded from school

• They are unable to access school because they are emotionally vulnerable

• They are unable to access school because they are facing an absence of 15+ continuous school days due to ill health.

The Key provides a safe and caring environment, which effectively removes barriers to learning and engagement through respect and resilience.

The aim is to raise aspirations and achievement for every child

The Key Education Centre, have decided to focus particularly on embedding the following three values throughout our practice. We encourage our pupils to incorporate these values in their everyday lives.

Respect Resilience Aspiration

Leanne Forde-Nassey - Head Teacher 

Leanne works in Hampshire having previously been the Head teacher at Feltham Prison School. Leanne is currently Head teacher across two PRUS in Havant and Gosport, collectively named The Key Education Centre. Since beginning at The Key in 2017, Leanne’s vision has been built upon the principles of Attachment and Trauma Informed Practice (ATIP) which the team have been embedding and building upon for the last 4 academic years. Leanne’s commitment to empowering all staff members to feel informed and skilled has exposed them to experts in the field of attachment and trauma informed practice and The Key now work with colleagues in other settings to share their learning.

To learn more about what The Key for Education offer please visit their website below: