Moundwood Academy Fundraising: Community Surplus Hub - UPDATE!

The Moundwood Academy Harlow transferred into The Beckmead Trust on May 1st 2020. The school is situated in an area of Harlow that experiences significant social deprivation and Harlow itself is the most disadvantaged area in West Essex.

After experiencing difficulties over some years it is important for the Moundwood to reengage with the local and wider community. Part of this work will be undertaken in partnership with the Essex based charity 3food4u. This charity is led by Pesh Kapasiawala who has established several community surplus shops in the Epping Forest area which run on a non-referral customer based model which fits precisely with Beckmead's values of courtesy, dignity and equality.

Initial set up costs include the purchase and siting of two containers with cooling systems and setting up land based projects such as a hen house and a small orchard so the Moundwood staff and pupils can participate in supplying the community hub as well as helping in other areas of its operation.

After the initial outlay, the 3food4u services become self-sufficient and are run by volunteers. The Moundwood / 3food4u shop will be open every Monday from 5pm for about 2 hours and will also have agencies and charities in attendance to offer guidance on issues such as health, housing and employment.

To raise money Dr Jonty Clark, CEO of The Beckmead Trust reinvented his relationship with food and aimed to lose 12 kilograms to get to a walking weight of 88 kilograms so that on Sunday 18th July he could walk 50 kilometres non stop.

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