Curriculum Aim:

Chaffinch Brook recognises the importance of a broad and balanced curriculum always working towards the pupil’s individual goals and school targets. We have developed our curriculum to meet the individual needs of our pupils. We use the word “curriculum” to describe all of the learning opportunities that are experienced by our pupils.

Our curriculum aims to:

  • Support pupils to develop self-belief to become happy and confident individuals with positive attitudes towards learning. 
  • Enable our pupils to become independent and cooperative learners who feel safe and included.
  • Develop pupils’ social skills to allow them to communicate their feelings, needs and wishes.
  • Support our pupils to make positive choices, manage their own behaviour and enjoy life.
  • Prepare our pupils for a meaningful and purposeful transition to life as an adult.

Our curriculum is Autism specific and based on the following principles:

  • Nurture: compassion, respect and dignity are at the core of our practise and ensure children develop trusting relationships so that they feel safe and ready to learn.
  • Differentiation: learning activities are designed to match each individual’s needs, celebrate their strengths and support their areas of development.
  • Social skills: The curriculum focuses on developing the key skills of communication, cognition, independence and self-care, all transferable skills that equip children and young people for life beyond the school. These are both embedded within our everyday learning activities and taught explicitly for all children.
  • Enjoyment: children can relate to their learning and activities are taught in a multisensory way which engages them and fosters a love for learning.
  • Structure: all learning experiences are structured in a way to enable our pupils to reduce their levels of anxiety, to support their understanding and to help them achieve their potential.

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