Parent Feedback

If you have any comments or suggestions about how we help and support you with your child's education, please let us know.

You can do this by: 

- Contacting an SLT member of staff in person, by phone or by email.

- Complete the online parent survey below:


Parental Comments from our Questionnaire:

"Beckmead College has helped my son so much, he has always been told at his previous schools he would never get anywhere in life or pass any of his exams, and yet Beckmead has helped my son smash his exams, and he is happy going to school"


"I feel the school is a safe environment and they make education fun"


"The staff are friendly and amazing, they are great at communicating and always leave voice messages if they can't get through to me. I feel like im heard when I talk to staff members. Thank You"


"I cant really say what could be done better as my child is constantly improving at Beckmead. Just keep doing what you are doing!"