• Navy sweatshirt or knitted jumper
  • White or blue shirt
  • White or blue polo shirt
  • Black or grey school trousers
  • Black tracksuit bottoms (no named brands)
  • Black school shoes
  • Black trainers (Branding should be discreet, no bright colours)
  • Any colour shorts or tracksuit bottoms for PE (no named brands)
  • Any colour T-shirt or jumper for PE (no named brands)


Our School Day

Beckmead Park Academy day starts at: 08:15am. Pupils finish at 14:30pm.

Early Morning Intervention - Nurture - Breakfast

08:15am - 08:35am

Morning lessons

08:35am - 10:10am

Morning Play- Nurture & Snack Time

10:10am - 10:35am

Mid Day Sessions

10:35am - 12:10pm

Lunch Play - Lunch Break - Nurture Time

12:10pm - 13:10pm

Afternoon Sessions

13:10pm - 14:25pm

Nurture Time - End of Day Preparation

14:25pm - 14:30pm



Local Authority School Travel Assistance - Transport

Some of our pupils may be eligible for support from the local authority getting to and from school. This support is usually offered in the form of a taxi to and from school or a parent support budget to assist with the cost of fuel when getting pupils to and from school. To find out if your child qualifies for this support you will need to apply directly to the local authority that you live in. Please find the contact details listed below.