Schools will directly get in touch with Roundwood School about admissions for their students. Students will therefore be dual-registered.

  • Students on fixed term exclusions and needing respite to avoid an exclusion may be referred directly to Roundwood School by the commissioning school.
  • Students on permanent exclusions should be directed to the local authority as per standard local procedure.
  • Schools can make direct referrals to Roundwood School for children on their roll. Schools must be aware that it will be their responsibility to fund the provision for children on their roll.
  • Placements can be full-time or part-time. If a placement is  part-time,  the student must still receive full-time education, which   can   be   made   up   of   part-time provision from two or more providers, one of which may be their Academy or school. Students will also be dual-registered.
  • Short or mid term–referral cannot last beyond  the  end  of  the  academic  year  in which it is made and must be reviewed at least every 30 days by the governing body of the referring school.
  • Any parent who is considering Roundwood School as an appropriate school to meet the needs of their child must discuss this with their current school, in the first instance. Whilst we cannot take any direct admissions from parents, we are very happy to show parents around our provision, by appointment.

School staff are happy to undertake a telephone consultation or attend relevant meetings prior to the formal referral in order to ensure that every young person is placed in the provision which best meets their needs. Roundwood School will primarily cater for students requiring longer term provisions, such as respite or when they have been permanently excluded from school. Six day plus provision will only be considered in very special circumstances.