Our Core Values

Roundwood School is a brand new Free School in the London Borough of Brent. As part of the Beckmead Family of Schools, Roundwood School shares the same vision as the rest of the Trust.

Roundwood School will offer a combination of education and care focused on emotional wellbeing, learning and personal growth and development.

As an 11-16 school, we are able to build excellent levels of knowledge and understanding of each of our individual student’s strengths and areas for development.

This approach also means that we can form excellent student-teacher relationships that develop across all school years as a student progresses through the school.‚Äč


Our vision is supported by a practical and pragmatic approach to education.

Hand in hand with our partners,we will achieve our vision by having the following aims:

  • Accurately assessing current learning abilities
  • Identifying an individual learning pathway for each student
  • Providing an excellent standard of teaching
  • Securing re-integration, back into mainstream, where possible
  • Ensuring all pupils make expected or better progress in their chosen pathway
  • Securing a post 16 placement for all KS4 students
  • Supporting our students’ wider social, moral, spiritual and cultural needs

Every educational organisation will have the same or similar aims at the heart of their school. What makes Roundwood School and Community Centre unique is the relationship with partners in order to support, develop and nurture young people.

Roundwood School and Community Centre functions as an entity with three clear aspects that all work together to create the very best provision for children both in and beyond the school.

  • Roundwood School will serve its students with the best educational provision in an alternative setting.
  • The Community Centre aspect will be available to all young people in Brent and providers to the Community Centre will also work with the School to add to the curriculum provision.
  • The school uses nurture provision models to support children to become self-reliant, self-regulating and positive about change in their young lives. The therapeutic aspects of the school are provided through our partnerships with local providers and are allocated on a case by case basis.