Chaffinch Brook School: our Vision

We  provide a nurturing, structured and calm learning environment which supports our pupils to develop self-belief and a positive attitude towards learning.

We believe that children who have Autism can learn, make progress and succeed with committed and knowledgeable good Autism practice.  It is important to us that our pupils feel happy, safe and included in the school community, so powerful teamwork and strong, empathic relationships are the cornerstones of our approach.

At Chaffinch Brook our mission is to create opportunities through education, in an environment that is caring, supportive and joyful, improving the lives of children with Autism and the lives of their families.

We will enable our pupils to:

  • Gain accreditation of their skills at the appropriate level to share with future settings and work placements.
  • Have well-developed independent living and self-care skills.
  • Be confident communicative individuals who want to be actively included in life and the community beyond School.
  • Make reasoned and informed decisions appropriate to their needs and wishes.
  • Have developed an ability to regulate their distress and anxiety associated with Autism, Sensory issues and other conditions.
  • Have the skills to keep themselves safe and healthy.
  • Have appropriate vocational skills, including literacy and numeracy at the highest achievable levels.
  • Understand that healthy relationships with others is key to happiness.
  • Access therapeutic approaches with input from different professionals such as Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, play therapists.
  • Contact and create closer links with organisations such as CAMHS, NAS and  Social care in order to support their wider needs.

Our unique provision:

Chaffinch Brook is  currently situated on two different sites in Croydon approximately 3 miles apart. Chaffinch Lower is for pupils in Key  Stage 1 and 2, has 41 students on roll;  Chaffinch Upper is our Key Stage 3 and 4 provision for 49 students. Both sites meet the needs of students with Autism and challenging behaviour.

Our pupils typically join us from mainstream schools, special schools and enhanced learning provisions where their restrictive behaviours have prevented them from making progress and learning safely. Some of our pupils may have also experienced protracted periods out of formal education. Most pupils will transition from Chaffinch Lower to Upper.

All of our students benefit from an Autism specific environment which makes routines and boundaries clear, uses visual supports, multi-sensory learning and focuses on adults using uncluttered language.  Our school community presents opportunities for pupils to learn to manage their own feelings and behaviour as well as to make good choices with adult support that includes input from a Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist and Play Therapist. In addition to more formal learning we offer a wide range of enrichment activities such as sailing, BMX, gardening, horse riding, forest school, swimming and fitness at the local leisure centre gym.