Our Sites

Beckmead Monks Orchard Road Site 

Teamwork, consistency and community lay the foundations here at Beckmead School.  We aim to support and strengthen our pupils and their families by creating a safe, nurturing and educational environment. This is achieved through our practice, which is underpinned by the belief that education can transform lives and we strive to support pupils through a variety of experiences, to prepare them for the next steps of their educational journey and lives beyond school. We acknowledge that students learn best when lessons are matched to needs and we recognise that every child is different, with some needing additional support.  We therefore strive to get the best out of our students irrespective of previous experiences, backgrounds or abilities.

We give our students the opportunity to learn socially and academically at their own pace, enabling them to achieve their full potential. Our pupils spend their day strengthening their Literacy and Numeracy skills, usually taught by their class teacher but we also teach subjects such as Social Communication, which your child might not have encountered in their mainstream school.  Alongside these subjects, we offer a wide range of National curriculum subjects, that are tailored to meet the individual needs of each pupil, in line with their attainment and ability.

Our aim is to challenge pupils to achieve to their very best, whilst equipping them with the skills and self motivation necessary for them to grow into successful and active citizens in the wider community.

Bramley Bank and The Beck

Bramley Bank and The Beck are alternative provisions for primary pupils (KS1&2) who have experienced difficulties meeting the behavioural expectations in the mainstream environment.

We operate using a staged approach working with schools and families to support an inclusive approach for pupils.

Our aim is to work with the key individuals who support the pupil, to build a clear picture of where the pupil has faced the most difficult challenges and achieved successes.  Once this has been achieved we work towards pathways to designated destinations, be it returning back to their mainstream provision, different mainstream school or a specialist SEND provision.

Tharreo House

Tharreo House is a specialist provision for young people with mental health needs. We support some of the most vulnerable and hard to reach young people, such as those disengaged from education or those segregated from growing and learning in a safe, nurturing and caring environment.

We are fully committed to providing a dynamic and responsive learning environment within which pupils are presented with opportunities to develop into confident responsible adults.  We believe that our young people should have the opportunity to achieve their full potential, leading to genuine and positive independence and eventually purposeful employment.

Tharreo House offers all of our students a range of social and emotional tools and coping strategies that they will be able to draw upon and apply, in order to become well rounded, competent young adults. Along with our expertise and skills set, our commitment to teamwork and dedication to functional outcomes for our young people, enables us to employ a flexible and empathetic approach to working with student cohorts and their families.

We are committed to the development of the whole person within a supportive, secure and creative environment, and take seriously our contributions towards community cohesion.

Beckmead Park Academy 

School uniform is key in helping pupils feel part of our school community. We have been flexible with our expectations in order to support our pupils sensory needs, however, uniform is compulsory for all students.

Our school jumpers with logos can be purchased from the school office. Each jumper costs £10. Your son will be provided with his first jumper free of charge. Pupils do not need to wear a jumper that has a logo, any navy school knitted jumper or sweatshirt will be accepted


  • Navy sweatshirt or knitted jumper
  • White or blue shirt
  • White or blue polo shirt
  • Black or grey school trousers
  • Black tracksuit bottoms (no named brands)
  • Black school shoes
  • Black trainers (Branding should be discreet, no bright colours)
  • Any colour shorts or tracksuit bottoms for PE (no named brands)
  • Any colour T-shirt or jumper for PE (no named brands)

If you feel that your son needs any further adaptations, please get in touch with his class team.

Our School Day

Beckmead Park Academy day starts at: 08:15am. Pupils finish at 14:30pm.

Early Morning Intervention - Nurture - Breakfast

08:15am - 08:35am

Morning lessons

08:35am - 10:10am

Morning Play- Nurture & Snack Time

10:10am - 10:35am

Mid Day Sessions

10:35am - 12:10pm

Lunch Play - Lunch Break - Nurture Time

12:10pm - 13:10pm

Afternoon Sessions

13:10pm - 14:25pm

Nurture Time - End of Day Preparation

14:25pm - 14:30pm

Please note - The end of day time has been brought forward to 14:15pm in line with our most recent Covid-19 risk assessment. We will keep you updated when this changes.

Local Authority School Travel Assistance - Transport

Some of our pupils may be eligible for support from the local authority getting to and from school. This support is usually offered in the form of a taxi to and from school or a parent support budget to assist with the cost of fuel when getting pupils to and from school. To find out if your child qualifies for this support you will need to apply directly to the local authority that you live in. Please find the contact details listed below.