Beckmead Moundwood Academy is an Alternative Provision that caters to students who have been permanently excluded from or supported due to difficulties at a mainstream school in West Essex.  Our students come to us with multiple vulnerabilities, often with undiagnosed additional learning needs.  Our curriculum intends to support these young people back into the mainstream, into specialist provision or high-tariff-post sixteen destinations. Students are with us for variable lengths of time. However, we ensure that all students gain a full curriculum while we work on closing gaps from their schooling until their arrival with us.  Along with the full curriculum, we look to assess for gaps in their reading and possible unmet needs and work to support their mental health and self-esteem.

Our curriculum will focus on:

  • Learning that connects and engages children with SEMH and ASD traits
  • High expectations and a continuous focus on pupil safety and wellbeing
  • Learning that enables children with complex needs to develop personally, make at least good progress, and achieve the best possible outcomes.
  • Personalised learning that understands each child’s individual needs and meets them effectively
  • Community learning is where children experience, learn and internalise the positive values of a healthy learning community so that they can confidently participate in community activities, future learning and training in employment.

MA 23-24 Curriculum Intent

MA 23-24 Reading Strategy

MA 23-24 Primary Curriculum Outline

MA 23-24 KS3 - Curriculum Outline (under review)

MA 23-24 KS4-Qualifications

Subject Overviews 

(With the changes in our timetable, these are all under review)






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