Beckmead Moundwood Academy is an Alternative Provision that caters to students who have been permanently excluded from or supported due to difficulties at a mainstream school in West Essex.  Our students come to us with multiple vulnerabilities, often with undiagnosed additional learning needs.

Our overarching ethos involves close collaboration with specialist and mainstream schools, outside specialist agencies with enhanced knowledge of our children’s needs and the private, voluntary and charity sectors within the communities in which we work.

Our existing schools already liaise closely with local authority teams, health professionals (including EWMHS personnel through the Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust), educational psychologists, therapists and careers advisers who work with each pupil on an individual basis in order to maximise their wellbeing and future life chances.

Key benefits of this approach include:

    • Support for developing self-esteem, self-confidence and resilience
    • Support to develop social skills
    • Support for healthy lifestyle choices
    • Support to develop friendship groups (e.g. Circle of Friends)
    • Anxiety groups using cognitive behavioural approaches
    • Behavioural support
    • Support to develop effective study skills
    • Support to reduce exam stress and develop exam techniques
    • Support to manage bereavement, loss, and other personal crises
    • Support for young people experiencing bullying
    • Support for future economic wellbeing
    • Access to online counselling service for 12 to 18-year-olds.

At The Beckmead Moundwood Academy we are committed to providing a dynamic and personalised learning environment where pupils experience an enjoyable and challenging educational journey. We have an excellent understanding of children and young people with SEMH needs and also who have ASD traits - This is derived from the outstanding practice which the Beckmead Trust has developed within our current provision.

We strive to achieve better outcomes for our young people by removing barriers to their learning and equipping students with the tools to attain and achieve in all areas of life. It is our aim to make sure that every child that comes to Moundwood Academy leaves with the skills, personal qualities and qualifications that allow them to progress towards their goals.