Curriculum Intent

At BPA our curriculum is built to support our learners to achieve our ‘Building Positive Aspirations’  goal. All areas of the curriculum are carefully considered and evaluated to ensure they meet the  following criteria: 

  • Nurturing – Our nurture policy is the foundation from which our school and its curriculum is  built. We ensure all curriculum has the ability to meet our targets for nurture, as we  understand that this gives our learners the best opportunity to thrive 
  • Meaningful – all qualifications and programmes of study must end in meaningful outcomes  so that our pupils leave with an education which can support their transition into their next  steps, whether that be a return to mainstream education, a new specialist provision or for  our older pupils a career
  • Adaptable – whilst we understand all curricula follow core principles, some are easier to  adapt to the needs of our cohorts than others. We consistently review our curriculum to see  that it is best suited for the types of differentiation which facilitate academic progress for  our learners
  • Engaging– we want our curriculum to foster a love of learning many of our cohort have lost  on their journey to us. We want our pupils to experience success in a learning environment  and the best way to achieve this is that our lessons and curriculum are relevant and  engaging for our cohort.
  • Presents Opportunities – we understand that our curriculum needs to prepare our cohort for  the real world. As such we look to ensure that as many opportunities as possible are built in  for real world experiences linked to our curriculum, these include a dedication to embedding  careers related learning throughout our curriculum
  • Facilitates Social Progress – at our core, pupils at BPA have social needs, we therefore feel it  is mandatory that our curriculum has embedded opportunities and strategies to develop the  social and regulatory skills of our pupils which are so important to facilitate their successful

Curriculum Delivery

Overall our curriculum aims to deliver the same outcomes at each NC Year group and whilst they  share a core purpose, each site will differentiate its implementation to best meet the needs of their  cohorts.

All subjects have a lead professional who will have an overview of central planning and act as a  conduit for the sharing of resources and good practices.

Data is collected regularly at a school-based level and subject/class specific interventions will be put  in place as a result of this, to ensure good progress is made by all learners.