Wells Park prides itself on supporting pupils to make excellent academic progress and strives to help each pupil achieve the very best that they can before they leave the school to move onto a secondary provision. Pupils are given learning that well matches their current level of achievement and promotes pupils’ ‘Growth Mindset’ to help them to build resilience when they are faced with challenges in their learning.

Wells Park internally tracks pupil progress and achievement termly and also makes use of the National tests available to pupils, where appropriate. Pupils in Year 1 partake in the Phonics Screening and, in Year 2, sit the Key Stage 1 Tests. For any pupils who are working at an appropriate academic level, there is the opportunity to sit the Key Stage 2 SATs tests in the Summer Term of Year 6. The number of pupils taking the tests can vary from year to year, depending on the individual strengths and needs of each cohort of children.

SATs are especially challenging for pupils with SEN due to the complex interplay of cognitive, sensory, and emotional factors that can impact their test performance. Recognising these challenges and providing appropriate support is crucial to ensure a fair and equitable assessment for these students. Despite these obstacles, we are incredibly proud of our young people who courageously challenge themselves to participate in SATs, demonstrating their determination and commitment to their education.

In the 2023 cohort, we achieved the following KS2 results:


Pupils sitting the SATs test

Pupils with a standardised score of 90 or more

Percentage of pupils achieving the standard