Relationships Matter, Caring Counts, Learning Liberates

Wells Park School is committed to creating a structured, safe environment that encourages a positive learning ethos in social interaction and communication, delivered through a balanced curriculum.


The Staff and Governors of the school have agreed the following aims:

  • To enable each child to reach their learning potential.
  • To be able to use their knowledge and skills independently and with confidence.
  • To fulfil their capacity for positive social interaction.
  • To understand and value themselves as members of a community.
  •  To play an active part in that community.
  • To be able to use their leisure time to develop safe, healthy and meaningful interests.
  • To aspire to the development of their own happiness and those around them.
  • To support parents to enable their children to recover and develop these capacities.
  • For children to sustain their behaviour, involvement and learning without reliance on medication.

The aspirational outcome for each child is:

  • The transfer to local or appropriate schooling.
  • The return to living in their home environment and community subject to the need to access a suitable educational and social curriculum.

Wells Park School's Four Golden Rules

  • As a part of the admissions process, we explain to children the following four rules, which form the basis of our expectations for all pupils at the school. These are reinforced through our behaviour management policy and practice, through the Token Economy System, and through the relationship between pupils and staff:
  • Nobody is allowed to hurt you
  • You are not allowed to hurt anybody else
  • You must have fun
  • We look after our school

What People Are Saying About Wells Park School…

Wells Park is more than a school – it is a community built around the needs of the pupils and their families.  The school provides a nurturing and caring environment and is an oasis of calm.  The staff at the school are dedicated and focussed entirely on securing the best outcomes for their pupils and as a Local Authority commissioner I am always confident that they will rise to the challenge.  It has been my pleasure to work with the school over many years and I look forward to continuing to watch them grow and develop.

(Ralph Holloway - Head of SEND Strategy and Innovation for Essex County Council 2021)

'The staff provide the children with the best possible environment in which to continue to grow into healthy and happy individuals. The children’s experiences have an exceptionally positive long-term impact.' (Ofsted Report 2019)

'The children thrive on the routine and the structure that the staff provide. The school day, evening activities and mealtimes are meticulously planned. An excellent range of resources ensures that the children are engaged and occupied at all times. This provides the children with a sense of security, purpose and belonging.'(Ofsted Report 2019)

Pupils enjoy their time at the school and recognise the gains they make:

I have learnt to take space. I have learnt not to hit out at others as it’s not what you do to get what you want. (Pupil Questionnaire)

It’s got fun staff and education that I like. (Pupil Questionnaire)

The adults here really helped me get through my problems.(Pupil Questionnaire)

I think I am really going to like this school. I feel safe already. (Pupil statement on admission)