Our Education Offer

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum leading to the acquisition of key skills and qualifications. This will reflect the needs of our pupils, as well as our wider community as much as possible. For those children whose needs are such that they become a barrier to ordinary qualification pathways, we will provide bespoke routes to ensure that they leave school with routes into further education or employment opportunities.

Our curriculum focuses on:

  • Learning that connects with children who have social and emotional needs, but that engages them meaningfully at the same time. Our curriculum is delivered with high expectations and appropriate challenge, but also with a continuous focus on pupil safety and well-being.
  • Learning that enables children with complex needs to develop personally and make at least good progress and achieve the best possible outcomes.
  • Personalised learning experiences that is built around each child’s individual needs and meets them effectively.
  • Community learning where children experience, learn and internalise the positive values of a healthy learning community so that they can participate with confidence in community activities, future learning and training in employment.

Academic Curriculum

Our curriculum is built around the subject areas that your child would expect to access in any school, such as maths, English and science. In addition we use a topic based approach to deliver our humanities and provide cross-curricular learning opportunities to our children. Where necessary, we will be able to offer each child subject based interventions as requires, such as reading recovery programmes or numeracy booster groups. However, for those children who are more active, we are continually building our outdoor education offer, which includes horticulture and gardening, PE and woodland skills. As you would expect, we retain a careful focus on our personal, social and health education (PSHE) as well as Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) in line with Government requirements. In the afternoons, most of our children will take part in an intervention led curriculum, which involves the delivery of a series of programmes, activities and lessons built to support their individual needs. Examples of these would be social skills groups, social communication and emotional regulation strategy sessions. An overview of the skills progression your child can expect to work through for each subject is outlined below, along with an overview of our entire curriculum.

Intervention and Therapeutic Curriculum

At The Ropemakers’ Academy we pride ourselves on working tirelessly to ensure that any aspect of our education offer is always delivered in a therapeutic way, with all lessons and sessions carefully designed to develop the social and emotional skills, knowledge and strategies that so many of our pupils can lack. This means planning our lessons so that within any activity your child will, dependent on their individual needs, receive:

  • Support for developing their self-esteem, self-confidence and resilience
  • Support to develop their social skills
  • Support in making healthy lifestyle choices
  • Support to help them develop friendship groups (e.g. Circle of Friends)
  • Activities that might contain cognitive behavioural approaches
  • Positive behavioural support focused on understanding
  • Support to develop effective metacognition and study skills
  • Support around reducing exam stress and developing exam techniques
  • Support with managing any bereavement, loss, or other personal crises
  • Support for young people who have experienced trauma or bullying
  • Support with planning and preparing for future economic well-being