Key Information:

School Day

Our school day begins at 8.30 with breakfast. Our registers officially open at 8.45 and close for most children at 9.05. We have a morning break at 10.15, and lunch is at 12.00. The school day finishes at 2.30. Our staff then stay on site to prepare and set up our learning activities for the following day.

The school day typically starts with core subject lessons – English and maths – followed by topic/science/PSHE, and in the afternoon we deliver a intervention needs based curriculum alongside outdoor & PE based activities along with enrichment and engagement sessions, such as cookery, art, horticulture and off site visits and activities where applicable. The afternoon session in particular are pupil centred, designed around each child’s individual profile. During the day we also pause for reflection and emotional regulation, and all transitions between sessions are carefully planned out as well.


At The Ropemakers’ Academy we see our school uniform as a key part of our identity; however, it is also designed to provide our children with comfort, and where necessary meet any sensory needs they may have. We have also planned our uniform to be as cost effective as possible. The core uniform consists of the school sweatshirt, embroidered with the school logo. The sweatshirt supplier has been carefully chosen to try and get the softest material possible. In addition to the sweatshirt, we ask that your child wears black or dark grey trousers, a white polo or cotton shirt, and footwear can be black shoes or trainers. We ask that the children do not wear boots. Our PE kit is comprised of black shorts and/or tracksuit trousers, and a plain white t-shirt. However, if you feel that your child has particular sensory needs that may need accounting for within our uniform expectations, then please get in touch and we can be flexible around them as required.

Pupil Welfare

Looking after our pupil’s welfare is at the centre of everything that we do at The Ropemakers’ Academy. All of our staff are available to support any of our pupils at any time, and show absolute care, compassion and understanding. We are able to help our pupils across a whole range of pastoral issues, such as poor mental health matters, school refusal, bullying, teenage angst and relationship matters. Your child’s safeguarding is paramount to us, and our staff are vigilant and well trained to be able to signpost and guide you and your child to getting the right support for their needs outside of education if required. We also have excellent working relationships with a wide range of local services and organisations, which means we can offer an expanded pupil welfare service across the school.

Catering & Dining

We are able to offer all of our pupils a range of choices of hot school meals, or they are welcome to bring in their own packed lunch. Our school meals also cater for specific diets and lifestyle choices, including vegan and Halal. The school also provides a free breakfast for all of our pupils, as our ‘soft start’ nurture breakfast time is an important part of our provision, where everyone starts the day together and we are able to check in emotionally with our pupils. The children have their breakfasts and lunches in the classroom with their teaching team, as this supports our ethos of building family style relationships with them.